How many people use VPAPay?
We offer marketing funding throughout Australia. We helped over 85,000 vendors market their homes with VPAPay.

What does VPAPay Cost?
It costs agents nothing. We charge a fixed fee of 5.9% of vendor paid advertising to facilitate Paying Later.

When is my agency paid?
We transfer Pay Now funds the next day. Pay Later funds are transferred monthly before you pay your suppliers.

How are funds paid?
We process payments for Pay Now campaigns and provide all marketing funding to your real estate agent.

Why should I choose VPAPay?

  • VPAPay funds your vendor paid advertising. Every last cent.
  • Fair fee structure, no penalty interest…ever.
  • Returns the cash locked in advertising. VPAPay has freed up millions for agencies.
  • Easy script even the youngest sales cadet can master in minutes.
  • Vendors have a choice with VPAPay to pay their marketing upfront or defer payment to better align with expected sale proceeds.
  • PayNow or PayLater options allows vendors to budget best for their financial situation.
  • Vendors can invest in the marketing schedule the property deserves.