VPAPay is a product offered by CampaignAgent, a company started with the goal of giving vendors choice and flexibility when paying for their advertising. At CampaignAgent, we feel strongly that properties that are well marketed and presented get the best outcome for their owners and our product is designed to help make sure that vendors can invest in the most effective marketing campaign.

  • CampaignAgent offers marketing funding throughout Australia. We have helped over 85,000 vendors market their homes with VPAPay
  • We charge a fixed fee of 5.9% to facilitate Paying Later.
  • About half of all vendors choose to Pay Later.
  • We process payments for Pay Now campaigns and provide all marketing funding to your real estate agent.

Whether you have decided to Pay Now or Pay Later, our service offers many benefits. Depending on your choice, different features and obligations will apply.


  • You are contracting with CampaignAgent, not your real estate agent, for the payment of your advertising.
  • In the event of a successful sale, CampaignAgent will collect outstanding monies on the earlier of deposit release, settlement, expiration of your agent’s sales authority, or the Pay Later Date.
  • If you withdraw your property from sale, you agree to pay CampaignAgent, not your real estate agent, the outstanding amount within 7 days of receiving our invoice.
    • Your Pay Later Date is included on your VPAPay agreement.
    • Pay Later campaigns incur a 5.9% fee. Our 5.9% fee is made up of a service fee of 4.9% plus an interest charge of 1.0%.
    • Your advertising has a no later than due date labelled the Pay Later Date. If your property has not settled by this date, you must pay the advertising total.
    • You will receive a discount on the interest component of our fee if your advertising is paid prior to the Pay Later Date.
    • There are late fees if your advertising is not paid by the Pay Later Date: $5.00 per 30 days (but capped at 0.1% of the advertising).
    • In the event of non-payment, CampaignAgent has the right to place a caveat on the property.


  • To qualify for Pay Now, the Pay Now Total must be paid by the Pay Now Date.
  • If your advertising is not paid by the Pay Now Date, then it may be converted to a Pay Later Campaign and the Pay Later Total will apply.
  • If you pay by credit card, surcharges apply.
  • If you pay via EFT, you must include the RED payment reference code on the transfer.
  • Unspent advertising funds will be refunded to you directly by your agent.


  • It’s easy to add more advertising. Just email your agent with confirmation of the additional spend.


What are the VPAPay fee and charges for?
CampaignAgent is a vendor advertising management company that pays and monitors advertising. One of the benefits of VPAPay is we allow you to Pay Later. If you Pay Now, you do not pay any fees to CampaignAgent.

My campaign doesn’t start immediately, do I have to pay right away to get the Pay Now Discount?
If you wish to pay by EFT, make sure it’s transferred to the account on the VPAPay Agreement by the Pay Now Date (don’t forget to include the Red Payment Reference Code on your transfer!).

What if the campaign and settlement period extend beyond the Pay Later Date?
CampaignAgent will issue a statement on the Pay Later Date for payment of the advertising amount plus the VPAPay Fees and Charges. Should the outstanding amount not be repaid at by the Pay Later Date, a $5 Late Fee will apply every 30 days that the amount remains outstanding. The late fee is capped at 0.1% of the advertising (i.e. the late fees are capped at $6 for a $6,000 campaign, $10 for a $10,000 campaign etc.).

If my property sells quickly, do I get a discount?
Yes, your fee will be reduced by up to 1.0% of the campaign value if you pay prior to the Pay Later Date. CampaignAgent will automatically calculate your discount in the event of a quick sale.

If I pay via EFT, how long do I have to qualify for the Pay Now Discount?
You must transfer the Pay Now Total by the Pay Now Date. Please use the Reference Code on the VPAPay Agreement as the transaction reference.

If I transfer the funds after the Pay Now Date, do I still get the discount?
No, it is important to make the transfer on time. If the Pay Now Total is not paid by the Pay Now Date then the campaign may be automatically converted to a Pay Later campaign and the Pay Later Total is due.

What happens at settlement? How is my advertising bill settled?
Payment is often made on deposit release or settlement. Payment for advertising will be done by your real estate agent automatically. Under the VPAPay Agreement you give irrevocable authority for your estate agent to deduct this amount.

If you have agreed to a long settlement period with the purchaser — after the Pay Later Date — your advertising is due for payment on the Pay Later Date, with Late Fees applying should the amount not be paid by that date.

Can I add more advertising after the campaign commences?
Yes! You just need to provide authorisation in writing. An email is fine. You’ll be asked if you want to Pay for the extra advertising Now or Later.

Do I get a refund if I cancel any or all of my advertising?
Yes, all unplaced advertising will be refunded, however the VPAPay fee is based upon the original Pay Later Total, and in most cases is not reduced when advertising is unused.

What can I fund with VPAPay?
VPAPay can be used to fund marketing expenses and in many cases, furniture hire (commonly referred to as property staging). Please refer to your agent for details. Please note that CampaignAgent will not fund renovations or alterations to the home.

Is there a maximum amount VPAPay will fund?
Yes, VPAPay will fund a maximum of 1.5% of the expected sale price of the property.