14 Jul 2020

…and do it any way you like!

Paper applications will no longer be accepted after August 31 2020.

Our upgraded digital applications give you the choice to work the way you want. Allow your vendors to sign at the listing presentation, via email afterwards, or from our extensive third-party integrations, including CampaignTrack, Realtime Agent and Sign. You will save time and hassle from day one.

Digital applications let you focus on delivering great outcomes for your clients while we focus on delivering great outcomes for you.

Great outcomes, simple process

Advantage one: easy Pay Now or Pay Later options

No more fumbling with calendars and calculators to figure out our fees and due dates. The app does it all for you.

Advantage two: sign up vendors in the living room

Vendors can complete applications and sign directly on your phone or tablet.

Advantage three: Handle complicated campaign
owned by companies or trusts

Signing up a vendor who’s an executor or with power of attorney? No problem, the digital workflow will automatically gather the right information and present the correct contract.

Advantage four: campaign information when you need it

Contracts, vendor details and application information can be accessed at any time.

Advantage five: don’t like technology in the listing presentation?

We’ve got you covered. Digital applications can be completed by the vendor whenever and wherever they like on any device.

CampaignAgent integrates with your digital providers

Not using digital applications yet? Contact your Product Specialist using the form below to start today:

The CampaignAgent Team
1300 882 622

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