10 Feb 2020

CampaignAgent’s digital platform allows real estate agents to seamlessly sign up vendors to its advertising funding products from their smart device or laptop.

Funding applications can be created in minutes without the need for a credit check using our Agent App. Digital delivery results in fast approval times and a simple customer journey. Many agencies have embraced the benefits of receiving advertising funding upfront which is considered industry best practice.

Access the CampaignAgent web based App online from any device or smart phone and help your clients fund their property, staging and marketing campaign with simplicity, flexibility and transparency.

The CampaignAgent App;

  • Integrates with your CRM eliminating the need for repetitive data entry
  • Enables a paperless office, reducing the need to store files and documents
  • Offers flexible workflows with options for the sales agent to complete the application with the vendor in the loungeroom or send a link to the vendor to complete later
  • Agents can apply using their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop
  • Is integrated with digital authority platforms to provide sales agents a convenient way to satisfy all their documentation requirements in a single application
  • As a web-based application the CampaignAgent App is compatible with all devices and browsers
The CampaignAgent App can be accessed online through any browser on any device.

The CampaignAgent Admin Portal

The CampaignAgent Admin Portal is the powerful backend of our ‘App’ and allows your Agency admin staff to view submit and manage VPAPay applications. 

  • Each step of the application process can be tracked using the campaign status. Users can easily follow up applications that require additional documentation or missing information.
  • Agencies can keep abreast of marketing receivables funded by CampaignAgent, making budget forecasting and cash flow management straight forward
  • Additional funding requests can be submitted to top up marketing campaigns
  • Agencies can fulfill their obligation to repay funds paid by CampaignAgent simply by generating a statement to calculate the exact amount owed by the vendor and making payment 

For more information about the CampaignAgent App and our product VPAPay please email Seth or call 1300 882 622.

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